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Indiana University

Blog Categories

BTOWN Banter

Bloomington Banter offers a light, informal, conversational look at all that’s happening across the IU Bloomington campus and around town.

IU Matters

IU Matters will take a look at issues, events, initiatives and milestones that affect the entire Indiana University community. Author Mark Land, associate vice president for Public Affairs and Government Relations, will touch on larger issues affecting higher education and reflect on both issues in the news and happenings on individual IU campuses as they relate to broader issues.

Art at IU

Art at IU brings you news about the rich creative culture that permeates Indiana University, ranging from music and theater performances, film and art exhibits to lectures from Pulitzer Prize-winning playwrights and luminaries.

Science at Work

A somewhat comic, but educative look, at the quirky, less sensational, yet still intriguing aspects of scientific discovery, written through first person experience or third person reflection, with support from subjects ranging from undergrads and staff to leading university investigators and administrators.

Health & Vitality

This blog taps Indiana University’s vast health sciences and talented researchers to bring readers health and wellness insights and news about cutting edge research. Watch for posts about health, fitness, sexuality, psychology, family matters, medical breakthroughs and even some tech tips.

Policy Briefings

We share news, research and expertise from Indiana University regarding policy, public affairs, political analysis, legal matters and a host of related areas. Posts will cover such topics as the 2012 elections, faculty research and engagement by students, faculty and staff in the issues of the day.

IU Inc.

While its name suggests that this blog will focus on business and economic issues, it also will incorporate news and views about the many ways that IU, its faculty and students are engaged in international partnerships and research. It also shines a light on university efforts to be inclusive in our home state of Indiana.

Safety Matters

Keeping faculty, staff and students safe at a multitude of IU campuses is quite an undertaking. But it all starts with education. So without spreading dread and doom, Safety Matters gathers and shares tips for encouraging a “culture of preparedness.” Do you know how to be warm and safe during snow, sleet and freezing rain (Hey, I’m right here and I hear you groaning about winter…), especially if you’re on the road? Can you live on water, peanut butter and crackers, and maybe a can of beans and a bag of chocolate chips, for three to seven days if the electricity goes out? And in this age of apps and IPods, do you have an plain old battery-operated radio around?