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If You’re Hungry, Don’t Read This

Greg Andrews of the Indianapolis Business Journal surveys the expansive picture menu

Like fresh fish? I do.

But in Indiana that usually simply means fish that hasn’t been frozen. The “fresh fish” sold in supermarkets across the country still has to be shipped in from the coasts. Or it comes from nearby lakes and fish farms. It’s been filleted and processed.

You don’t typically get a chance to look your meal in the eye before lunch or dinner, but in China you can pick your fish from a water tank and then it is prepared.

On Friday, we enjoyed lunch at Da Lao Guan, a restaurant whose slogan is, “Let delicacies interpret happiness.”

As you walk in the door, you quickly see water tanks of several varieties of fresh fish, shrimps, prawns, razor clams, crabs, lobsters and even turtles. There’s also a rack with fresh vegetables and two enormous placards with pictures of everything on the menu.

Thankfully, someone else is ordering. It would be hard not to say, “I’ll have one of everything.”

I’ll let the photos below tell the rest of the story.

Presentation is everything

So is freshness

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Interesting cultural post. A bit short though.

I can relate a lot. When I was China I ordered some chicken. It took them a while to prepare it. While I was eating I found out that the chicken had to be slaughtered first. While I was eating it was plucked and cooked and a few seconds later it was lying on my plate.

China is not for the squeamish.

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