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A preview of President McRobbie’s trip to South America

President Michael A. McRobbie’s upcoming trip to South America will begin officially on Monday, November 5, in Brazil.

Brazil, among the top emerging economies in the world, has emerged in the past decade as one of our most important neighbors to the south. Now with major investments in education through federal programs such as the Science Mobility Program, Brazil’s already strong, diversified economy will certainly continue to grow in significant ways in the coming years.

The visit to Brazil also comes at a particularly opportune moment for Indiana University as student and faculty interest in the country expands. Beyond Brazil, the Presidential trip will include stops in Argentina and Chile, two other South American countries of strategic interest to IU. President McRobbie will inaugurate alumni chapters in all three countries and will sign agreements with universities in Brazil and Chile. Over the course of the next two weeks, I will explore these activities in greater detail, particularly IU’s new institutional partnerships.

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